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27th September 2006

1:21am: Today was much less productive than it was supposed to be. I accedentally skipped my first class because I stayed up all night catching myself up on One Piece manga (if you don't know what that is just chalk it up to nerding). Class in the afternoon was slow, and I didn't end up going to a movie for one of my classes (two more showings this week) because I didn't write down the number of the room it was showing in.

They installed a really ugly statue on campus today. Tomorrow I'll take a picture of it and then make fun of it in my journal. Pretty much.

25th September 2006

11:46pm: I've been really crappy about updating lately, only because I view my own life as "slow", which it actually isn't.

This weekend I went to Austin to visit Angela and Ryan. It was me and Ryan's first time to hang out outside of Sky Ranch in the three years we've known each other. I almost went to a football game for the first time in college, but it fell through (sarcastic darn). It was a really great trip and totally worth it, but that drive is LOOONNNNGGGGG.

7th September 2006

Current Mood: optimistic
I had a really really good journal idea today on the way to class, called "Art Critiques After Naptime"

It'll be awesome.

Done with class until Monday. D&D this weekend. Get excited.

6th September 2006

11:09am: The Red, Steamy, Urine-seeped Phone Booth of Success
Current Mood: accomplished
Today was supposed to be simple.

After waking up at 4:50 in the morning and driving the medical supplies, I'd swing by the Cingular store to see why my phone isn't recieving text messages. I was planning on being done with that by something in the neighborhood of 9:30am, giving me time for a two hour nap on one of the more comfortable couches or chairs around campus. The nap did not happen.

After driving my deliveries I parked near campus, planning on walking to the nearby Cingular store and then to the much-awaited naptime. I hadn't really been to that Cingular store in two years, so after wandering around trying to find it for 20 minutes, I did. ...and it was closed. So now I had to walk BACK to the car and drive across town to the other Cingular store only to have them tell me that they can't do anything for me because my area code isn't in their store's range.

Frustrated and well into my scheduled naptime not napping I drove back to campus and called the Cingular customer service line. After navigating through about 5 menus (right before I'm about to talk to a real person) the recording tells me that if I'm calling from the phone with problems I should hang up and call AGAIN... so now I look around for a payphone in the Union. None.

OU has free-standing phone booths all over the place - free standing red numbers that are supposed to look "foreign" and only succeed in looking "out of place". The only phone booth in my field of view had, oddly enough, a giant fork of a forklift parked right above it.

So not only did it feel awkward to have the forklift looming above my head, the phone booth was also had the feeling of a people-sized oven that someone had baked a big urine pie in and not cleaned properly afterwards. I was on hold in there for 10 minutes.

Success smells sweeter when you've been simmered in a phonebooth that smells like "essence of vagabond". Class is really going to hurt sans-naptime.

5th September 2006

Current Mood: restless
I was in Flower Mound this past weekend, and it feels like I ended up not doing anything. anything. Did I go to church and play in the orchestra (I even brought my instrument home)? No. Go visit David/Brandon/Betsy? No. Read for classes? No.

I did, however, end up chilling at home with my mom and Pearl for the whole weekend. I also got to go see Invincible with Angela! Sports are really dumb and a total waste of time and effort, but not sports movies.

A lot of people are talking about Steve Irwin's (The Crocodile Hunter's) death over the weekend. I remember doing a few impersonations in the past... badly. Though he might've been a bit of a fool on camera and is rather easy to poke fun at, just remember his widowed wife and two kids who just lost a husband/father to a poisonous, serrated stinger through the heart... underwater. eep.

There is a "welcome back" get together for all of the study abroad students that came back over the summer... an event that I RSVP'd, don't feel like going to, and yet am still going because of that one little email saying I'd be there. Its not like I have anything else to do.

28th August 2006

4:52pm: A day in the life
Current Mood: accomplished
I've been doing my medical supplies delivery job for over a week now. The hours are easy and the pay is decent, but it is boring... so today I decided to bring my camera along for the 5 hour ride, just to show people things that I thought about and places I've been.

4:50AM. Wake up. Leave the house by 5. Arrive at the warehouse at 5:30 to pick up stuff. This morning it was 4 new computers for drug stores, 8 boxes of adult diapers, some IV stands, crates of pills, and some other random boxes. All I have to do is take it from the marked piles in the warehouse, load them into the van, and drive them to their locations. I didn't take a picture of the van and the exterior of the warehouse didn't turn out well.

After the warehouse I drive for about 45 minutes north, where I meet another driver (my housemates' dad) and drop off all the stuff for northeastern Oklahoma. While I'm waiting for him I get to stare at these weird signs, posted right next to a playground.

Of course I tried to take pictures of the sunrise... but pictures of sunrises are just that - a picture. I praise God every morning that I get to look out over the plains and see the glory of God's creation - the sun streaming down from sapphire blue to that golden orange - one more day not promised. If you really want to see a sunrise, just wake up, sit somewhere comfortable, and be still.

This morning was foggy. Not a really thick fog, but thick enough for me to be glad I wasn't walking through any dark forests. The roads are empty up until about 7ish, and the fog was clearing by then anyway. Cars aside, it looked pretty cool looking out the window of the van on I35. With the sun rising a little higher (when this picture was taken) it looked like the sky was melting to the ground.

You're NOT a skateboarder if you're up at 8 in the morning. Poser.

This sign always cracks me up. "Hey, I have an idea. Lets not only name our airport after a famous cowboy, but lets get creative with it. Throw out that plain old 'international' that all of the airports have been using, and lets go with 'world' instead! That'll make us sound more sophisticated." I'm pretty sure they were only able to use the "world" because thats technically an accurate description of where the airport is located, not because of any actual international flights occuring to or from Oklahoma.

Theres one picture I'm extra sad I didn't get... There is a credit union called "Weokie Credit Union" on my route. The first time I drove by it I could've sworn it said "Wookie Credit Union". Still cracks me up every time.

Current Mood: bored
I need to find a hobby beyond playing video games. Not having class on Fridays means three day weekends. Three day weekends with nothing to do means going slowly crazy.

26th August 2006

Current Mood: tired
You know those realizations that hit you out of nowhere? Like in the sunscreen song, the kind of thing that "blindsides you on two PM on some idle Tuesday"? God gave me one of those moments the other day somewhere between Enid and Guthrie Oklahoma. It was awesome.

If you want to know what realization was just ask me in person or something - I've tried to type it out like three times but didn't quite nail it down.

My room is very "ground friendly". Having no furniture besides milk crates and one big blue tote, I can honestly say that someone about two feet tall would not need to reach to get anything. When I fall into bed I literally fall into bed, because my bed is made out of two old bus mattresses that are about 4 inches thick. I know how janky it sounds, but it turns out that i've always loved sleeping on bus mattresses.

School is school. Last night we had a get together of a lot of old 12E people - Ro, Uzo, Richard, Randall, Quinn, Gabe, Baret, and me. Jake, Larry, and Mad Matt were no-shows and Gabe left really early because theres no booze allowed in the house. Because of the videogameness of the gathering there weren't any girls. Sad day in nerdtown.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is currently taking up the majority of my free time.

23rd August 2006

10:27pm: I've been horrible about updating lately. Now it begins.

I moved back to Norman for my last semester on Saturday. The house is a little more janky than I remember, but overall pretty much awesome. I decided to save $100 and not buy a parking pass this semester, which means parking an extra 5 minute walk - its going to be totally worth it.

Just so you know, I've got two housemates - Baret and Preston. They're brothers. Preston hooked me up with a job driving a medical supplies van every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 5am. It pays better than crossroads and will help me keep a somewhat more normal sleep schedule.

27th July 2006

10:34pm: I got pinkeye at camp, so I had to firstly go to the doctor to tell me I had pinkeye. Then, since we missed lunch at the three hour doctor's visit, Sky Ranch bought us lunch at Sonic. After THAT we had to come back to camp for 24 hours of quarentine in the nurses' station. I say "we" because another counselor was sick with strep (even though they didn't even test her and she knew she didn't have it).

Quarentine rocks. The nurses didn't make us stay in our rooms most of the time, so we got to wander around the health center, playing cards and eating ice cream. Pretty much the greatest day I couldn't have expected.

The best part about quarentine was coming out of it. I was afraid my campers wouldn't remember me, and they all freaked out when they saw me. It pretty much rocked.

19th July 2006

12:02am: I am the man God created me to be. He wanted that man to be at Sky Ranch this summer to be Christ and live Christ to kids.


8th July 2006

9:04am: So... I'm home.

31 hours worth of plane travel is just a little too long. Four seperate airports and a day and a half later, my feet finally landed on American soil. Both of my parents came to the airport to pick me up when I arrived at four in the morning, which was cool.

Basically for the last few days I've been bumming around the house forcing myself to stay awake. I'm going up to Kansas tomorrow morning to visit Arthur, and after that I'm gonna start at Sky Ranch on Wednesday! So excited!

3rd July 2006

1:31am: Not much to say lately. I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. My finals are over and most likely passed. It is currently 2am. My landlord comes at 7am to check me out of my apartment and return my deposit.

After getting my deposit back (or whats left of it after he subracts the bills I've yet to pay up to date) I'm moving to my friend Kyle's house for the night. After the night at Kyle's I'm headed to the airport for my loonng journey home. I'm pretty dang excited.

20th June 2006

Current Mood: weird
First off, there are a lot of things in this entry that don't make any sense. Right now I'm in and out of this room while making some mac and/or cheese so prepare for some scatterbraindedness. I know I am! Ok, lets get started.

I've picked up the habit recently of snacking off of whole blocks of mozarella cheese. Oh man, the goodness.

I know my entries have not only been fewer lately but also depreSSing with two capital S'ess. (that way it sounds like you're hissing kind of, which is worse than the word being capitalized regularly). I'd like to thank everybody for the encouraging thoughts, prayers, amd emails. Just know that I'm OK.

Oh man, I am stoked about going home!! My roommate left today, which was weird, and my time is coming soon! So now I have to clean up the house - our landlord won't come give the deposit back until the day I actually move out. I also have to mail stuff home!!! Ack! So much to do.

15th June 2006

Current Mood: drained
I was looking over a list of dreams/aspirations that I'd made a few years back, and one of the items was "Learn Kung Fu". Guess what - after 8 hours per week of Kung Fu class I'm by no means a master or even a practicioner - as of now I know more Kung Fu than YOU, and the majority of other americans.

I basically stayed cooped up in my room all day yesterday reading sermons of John Wesley and then moved on to reading "history of the bible" sort of stuff. Skipped class.

14th June 2006

Current Mood: drained
People aren't supposed to be in school in the middle of Summer. Its depressing.


My life is being siphoned away and I feel like I'm missing everything. I usually skip class because I'm lazy, but now its genuinely difficult to even leave the house. For the last week I've left once every three days. I've been so lethargic it seems like an illness with no bodily disfunction.

7th June 2006

Current Mood: happy
My parents left yesterday morning. David Taylor was right about my apartment not really being right for them, but at least they tried for one night (which really tells me that they love me more than anything else could). After that they moved out to a hotel, which was really nice for all of us.

The first day plan still went through, though. One thing I learned from their coming over is that Chinese Wal-Mart really is insane. I'd heard stories from my friends that study here, but I kept up my life's trend of not believing everyone else until I've experienced it for myself (i.e. being told "a hedgehog/bird/turtle would be a stupid pet").

Other than the walmart trip there was a lot of walking and shopping, walking and shopping. All of my best friends came to dinner at an awesome western resteraunt one night (mom liked it so much we ended up eating there the next night as well). It was just so good to see my parents!

It is funny how exhausted they were from their whirlwind guided tour of China, so it was really easy for me to entertain. It was just so good to see them both!! We ate at all of my favorite haunts and even tried to track down some Dr. Pepper. When we were walking my mom saw the very tip of my tattoo peeking out of the neck of my shirt, so now that cat is out of that particular bag. Even still, it really was great.

3rd June 2006

4:42am: whee
Current Mood: excited
So. It is almost 5am and I have still been unable to sleep. Why? Because MY PARENTS ARE COMING TOMORROW AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am totally excited about their visit. They're planning on staying in a hotel but I'm gonna try to convince them to just go ahead and stay at my apartment instead - so much more fun that way!

Excitement aside, I am kept awake by my inability to be a good host. Sure, there are a few things to see in Kunming - all of which can be seen in like a day. There are cities outside of Kunming that I've heard are pretty interesting, but those are like 5 hours each way. So... not so much gonna go to any of those places.

So tomorrow after my parents land we're gonna take their stuff over to my apartment, then go eat lunch somewhere. After lunch I'm gonna take them to Wal-Mart on the most crowded day of the week (mua-ha-ha) so they can get a "real" taste of China. At Wal-Mart we're going to buy sheets for the extra bed in my apartment so they can use it, and then back to the apartment to settle in! Then on to an expensive dinner at whatever western food resteraunt I feel like eating at, then the day is done!!

Excited rusty out.

After reading an email from my aunt Betsy, I realized even more that I have one of the coolest and most supportive families ever. You guys seriously rock.

30th May 2006

10:55am: So last night my housemate planned to have all of his students from one of his classes over for dinner. I walked home from my pu dao class with my friend Kyle (who I convinced to take pu dao class with me), but the light in my apartment was off. Once upstairs, I walked in on about 30 people hanging around in the apartment... in the dark. Apparently the power had gone off, then on, and then off again about an hour before. We only have two candles in our entire house, so it was mostly dark. Pretty fun nonetheless, though.

Now I have to go home with no power and wait for the electrician guy to possibly show up. At least it gives me time to read, write, and learn to play the ocarina.

29th May 2006

3:14pm: Sorry, it has been waaaay too long since I've been responsible and actually updated on my incredibly boring life. So, needless to say, my life has been pretty boring. For those of you saying "Your life can't be that boring, you live in China. CHINA." First of all, I know I live in China - a fact I'm reminded of every day of my existance. Aside from the speaking Chinese, being forced to never skip class, and trying to not play World of Warcraft all of the time, my life is pretty dang boring. No joke. Boring.


My parents are, at this very moment, in China! I got a message from my dad that said "Beijing. Great first day. Good food. Dad." It makes me feel so loved and blessed to have my parents come see me. My mom told me that they like to see places like Kerville, Texas - not China - and the only reason they're coming is to see me. That feels pretty cool.

Today me and my housemate cleaned up. His students are coming over for dinner tonight and my parents will be here next weekend, so it really needed to be done. I'm not the cleanest person in the universe, and even after it has been done I don't feel good about it. It'll only get dirtier.

God is so good.