Rusty (ninjabaggins) wrote,

Road Trip!

So after graduation I went to 52. Matt Chandler, Chris Witt, the works. Pretty much great.

Right now I'm in North Carolina, to visit my friend Arthur. My camera is being fickle, so pictures might be out. I'm typing this while I'm trying to deal with that, so both this entry and the photo uploading aren't really getting the attention they deserve. Anyway, getting to see Arthur is pretty great.

(now I know the camera won't work)

I also got to meet and get to know Arthur's fiance, which was pretty great.

(no time, random information)

My pastor is on facebook, and only has 3 friends. Sadness.

I'm going to get to see my uncle Mike and cousin Genna tomorrow, which I'm pretty excited about. I got to see my cousin Mike the day before he went back to school, which was pretty great too. Thats what I love about family - that unbreakable unity that can only be achieved by blood. My family is great, no matter what kind of messed up stuff goes down. I love them.

Need sleep. 8 hours to Columbus tomorrow.

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Hey Rusty-have a good road-trip. Have you been going to the Village? Can't believe I have not seen you. Lot's of services, guess I am not surprised. Congrats on finishing school. Give me a call when you are back in the FlowerPlex. Marshall 972 998 6158