Rusty (ninjabaggins) wrote,


Yes, I got a Nintendo Wii. It. Is. Awesome.

Myself, Richard, Rolando, and Baret all drove to Paul's Valley (like 45 mins away), waited in line for 3 hours, and got one of that store's 18 systems. Then we decided to go gawk at the people who have been camping out in front of Target and Best Buy since Friday/Saturday for the Sunday 9am openings of those stores. (we got ours at midnight). Richard decided to encourage the people by holding his Wii box out of the car window and yelling "Keep in there! Its totally worth it!" The people at Target didn't take it very well, and the people in front of Best Buy just blankly stared.

The two games I've got so far are Wii Sports (which came with the system) and Trauma Center. Oh man! So great. I can't explain how cool the system is to use, you just have to experience it for yourself. Its unlike any game system yet - for example, in Wii Sports, you actually point the controller at the ground and swing it (at varying strength) to play golf.

I'm glad all of my major schoolwork was last week, for sure.
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Dewd, I sent some Miis to you. My Mii and two others created by myself and Randall.
I sent you one plus mine... your sister is totally in my Mii parade!