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So here is what has been going on in my life (summed up)

I haven't showered in a few days. Nothing new.

My friend went to a funeral this weekend, and instead of consoling her or saying something supportive I wanted to say that I'm jealous. The only family funeral we've had was when I was in China, and it would've been nice to be there with everyone to say goodbye.

No Halloween celebrations for me. The reasons are that a) none of my good friends are the "partying" kind, including myself. b) i was invited to one party but didn't want to go because i didn't know anybody and didn't have a costume. I'm not going to be a toilet paper mummy... again.

Speaking of friends, I haven't really made any new ones this semester. I've kept pretty well in touch with my friends after learning about the importance of communication living in China... but I just haven't met anyone new this semester.

I have no clue if we're going to have kids come to the house on Halloween... we don't really have any candy or anything. I remember looking at those houses with the porch light off when I was a kid. "How incredibly lame are you?" I'd ask myself. Well, a trip to the store is in order for tomorrow. Candy time.

Yesterday I took a free practice LSAT. I'd never seen problems or even the format of the test, so it was a little strange - some sections were bigger suprises than others, and i'm interested to see how well i did (wednesday). It wasn't like I had anything else to do with a Saturday afternoon anyway.

Today is my dad's birthday! He is Like 50something. 52? My mom is older than him. My parents are cool.

I play World of Warcraft way too much - my console systems are gathering dust. To combat this, I'm getting FF12. I also decided to not buy either one of the new consoles (ps3 and the Wii) until I get my life in order and get settled into either working somewhere after graduation or going to school some more.

The word "blog", for whatever reason, makes me cringe.

This entry was kind of all over the place.
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