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Riddle of Aragorn

Not all those who wander are lost...

23 September
Rusty des! Hahahahaha. If one part of my body could be robotic, I'd choose one of my eyes. That'd be awesome!

My name is Rusty and I love anime and manga, but am not one of those people who want to be Japanese. My dreams are to be a voice actor, to write my own manga or novel, to be a stay at home dad, and to learn kung fu.
12 kingdoms, adult swim, angels, animal crossing, anime, antivegetarianism, aqua teen hunger force, archie comics, argento soma, bass clarinet, battle for middle earth, bible, bleach, buddy christ, bum fight, cats, chechnyan throat cut, chick-fil-a, chinese, christ, college, comedy, computers, cowboy bebop, d&d, da moon rules #1, disgaea, dogs, dr. pepper, duck tape, dune, dungeons and dragons, dvds, eating, ebay, eddie izzard, elly, elvish, escaflowne, farting, figwit, final fantasy, flip flops, flower mound, game boy, gamecube, gardening, girl scout cookies, golf, gondor, gunparade march, harry potter, hawaiian bread, hobbit feet, homemade shirts, idleness, irresponsible captian tylor, japan, jazz, jesus, jpop, kendo, king of bandits jing, kung fu, laziness, lifeguarding, living, lord of the rings, lost in translation sucks, love, maddox, mandarin, mc chris, mitch hedberg, mooninites, movies, mp3s, naps, narsil, naruto, ninjas, nintendo, nixon watches, one piece, outlaw star, oversized cowboy hats, peter jackson, ps2, puppies, real ultimate power, relaxing, roleplaying, rpgs, samurai champloo, sandals, science fiction, scryed, sealab 2021, seven kingdoms, sigurd, silmarillion, sky ranch, sleep, sleeping, sloth, splitting wood, stand up comedy, star trek, subtitled films, suikoden, summer camp, super troopers, swordfighting, swords, tales of symphonia, thames, the bilge pumps, the princess bride, thrift stores, trigun, university of oklahoma, upsf, video game music, videogames, violinist of hameln, vision of escaflowne, wakeboarding, wendy's, writing, xenogears, yoko kanno, yorkshire terriers