Rusty (ninjabaggins) wrote,

snow weekend

So Wednesday morning I wake up for work at 5am, as usual. Outside it is warm, even though the sun isn't out yet. By 10am it was freezing cold outside, and the wind and clouds blew in as I drove. I went to class at noon only to hear that the professor didn't feel like having class and told everyone to go home.

School was cancelled on Thursday. When I saw the news on the OU website I ran out of my room, and like a kid I jumped up and down in front of the living room TV my housemates were watching and yelled "No school! No school! Yaaaayyyy!" They promptly and calmly told me to get out of the way and they had found out an hour ago.

Didn't have to work on Friday.

Me and Baret basically sat around the house and watched Boston Legal for the majority of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We also played some Wii - Rayman and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Left the house twice in the last four days.
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