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So I ended up celebrating Halloween today without even trying. Heres how:

- - Cold and windy all day; no sunshine (spooky)
- - Watched a video of both an Iraqi soldier getting murdered and, after debate and deciding how "acceptable" that was, of an American getting the same treatment. Pretty much an awesome class, made everybody REALLY think. (unsettling)
- - Went in to apply for graduation (scary)
- - Didn't even realize it was Halloween (suprise/suspense) until I saw a lady behind a desk in a bathrobe. I seriously thought "how unprofessional, coming to work in a bathrobe" before coming to the realization that it was indeed Halloween.
- - Was told my graduation wasn't on file (scary), then was told they haven't filed it yet because they're busy. Come back later (relief)
- - Watched a documentary hosted by my teacher, made 20 years before (ghost of documentaries past)
- - Played Disgaea 2, which is about some demons (demons)
- - Discovered that my scarf can cover my whole face and I can still see out of it (looks scary)
- - Finished reading World War Z, which is about the zombie war. Reading this has seriously made me a little "zombie paranoid". Not actually afraid of being attacked by zombies, but I find myself thinking "OK, this room wouldn't be very survivable if the house got swarmed" and stuff like that. The book is seriously a good read. Do it. (zombie paranoid)
- - The light in my room went out and I've been too lazy to buy another (spooky)
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