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creative napping

So I ended up staying up all night playing the guitar, World of Warcrafting, and watching a lot of an anime called Project Arms.

Guitar? Guitar! I got a guitar. I'd asked for a guitar from my parents for Christmas, and we went shopping over the weekend (Guitar Center is pretty amazing, by the way). There was a really good used guitar that was pretty much amazing, so they got it for me! Not only that, but they let me take it back to school right now which is great... but all I'm getting for Christmas is an empty box with a note that says "guitar" inside of it.

So... tomorrow is only a few hours away, and this is my plan. It is 5am right now (and I'm hungry). My first class was cancelled tomorrow, BUT my meeting to evaluate my credit from study abroad in China is at 10:30am, followed by class at 1:30-4:30 and then an organized World of Warcraft raid from 6:30 to 11.

Heres where the system of "creative napping" comes into play. 5:00 now and you're hungry? Go eat in the union and take a nap (4 hrs 30 mins) on one of the couches, waking up shortly before your meeting. BAM! Theres an extra half hour of sleep that would normally be taken up by waking up, getting ready, driving, parking, and walking. Follow the meeting with nap #2 (2 hrs 30 mins) so you won't fall asleep in class. Grab some food on the way back from class, then take another nap (1 hr 30 mins) and viola! You've gotten your 8 hours of sleep for the day and didn't miss any of it!

Off to eat. Rusty out.
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